Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Final Note

A night has passed by this place
A night when yellow sparrows and red candles
Melted away.
Here a night had visited as guest
When all nine rasas were strangulated
In the stained bronze vessels of the throat
The fettered geniuses
Passed away in the unmarked palanquins

This was only an inn
It had walls
Never echoing moanings and laughters
They had a meaningless reverberation

This is the last night
The fastness of respiration
The deserts of sighs
The salt of tears
All became causes and results
The repititive lights in dark, deep colours.

Away, in an invisible distance,
A comet has begun to smile in cruelty
Dead songs in your bewildering lips
Decayed flies in your tearful eyes
Dawn of December wrapping hamlets in snow.

Behind the soil falling down from the forts
Friendly countenance of concealed wrath

Then suddenly, suddenly....
The links of broken cameraderie.
All ends this night
This is the end of the world!
Let us all die a death of forgetfulness,
Sob as mornful deaths,
Be born as sobs,
And roar as births.
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