Saturday, June 19, 2010

cp aboobacker: channels

cp aboobacker: channels

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    channels penetrated into my bedroom
    while I was asleep
    the anchors searched into my library and shelves
    disappointed, they tried to enter into my cell phone
    they went on searching
    how screeches emanate from invisible hoods
    who sleeps on my bed,
    my self or my substitute?
    they smoked their brains to have an answe.
    somewhere along my slumber lashes,
    is there a glimmering of the eyes?
    is snoring possible after a love-packed shred of time?
    they photographed the dances of the wind outside
    on my flowery trees
    the channels that were not ready to go away
    without any scoop
    took the snow book I left reading on my chest
    they decided upon broadcasting
    the music emerging after snow melts.
    in the hot seasons
    when cool and water were impossible
    they were seeking an entrance to my heart.
    May 18 delete


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