Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a soul in attire

I am here behind you
bent on the table
with piercing eyes on the message
inviting you to dinner tonight
alone at his apartment
to be or not to be
that is the question

you cannot see me
I was burning in the funeral pyres
first it fumed and fretted
and then a smoke burst out
then flames flew into heights
with fragrant incense
and with a stubby smell
i passed into the ethereal

After you all were gone,
I lamented silently for moments
with a desire to be with you

we in the world of the ether
has no shortage or scarcity
so I took an attire
where my hair reminding an ad
with sharp flying atonement
my brow with no wrinkles deserving
and eye lashes a muddy barren marsh
my eyes burning cavities
and nose a stuffy calamity

I see you in the most beautiful attire
I bought you
You are sad, I can feel.
I couldn’t feel the fragrance of your beauty
We of the other world cannot smell
The smells we had had when we were hither
The stuffy nose would not accept
the perfumes of feminine beauty
Still I longed you in the way
You are now
A confused beauty
Sighing every moment
Had you not kept silent
I would sit by your side
Listening to the evil rhythm of your scolding

I had visited his apartment
Before I visited you
He had a smile on his face
One of victory
He must be waiting to cuddle
the brunette flying in breeze
He had always envied me for it
From the college days
When I was in love
I quarreled with you
He was all calm and serene

I stand here to see what you would type
You are not aware of me
You would shout at my presence
In fright and awe
But you cannot see me
And you cannot hear me
I may sing to your bosom
Your favorite tunes
Which I had never done
Love was abundant outside
On the riversides and in lakes
On mountains insurmountable
A mirage of real life!

And at last you typed:
You shabby idiot!
Is it me or he?
All-knowing soul  fails to read you right!
No wonder, I always lost you.

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