Saturday, October 9, 2010

Poem without title

from Malayalam original 

It was while I was walking along the lane
To the little springs of water --
Lo, yonder waterplant has bloomed
And grassroots have shed tears,
Heaviness hanging on their feet
Bending against the muddy walls.

Time passes away,
I walk back along the lane;
Sun sets,
Twilight comes,
Lanes are dark.

What is happening in the ocean?
Has it torn open its heart
To accept a sun
From among the thousand suns in the skies?
Is its heart filled with warmth?
Are sky and sea embracing each other
Into a big heap of embers?

On the river banks rain has stopped;
Is the river remaining, a teasing lover?

Somewhere, drinking a cupful of melting metal,
A poet is climbing a mountain.
And what does he discover?
A large stone mass is rolling down the mountain.

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