Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Occupy my heart

Occupy my heart
I am in the winter of discontent
Not in the summer of suffering
Nor in the spring of desires
Nor in the autumn of fading hopes

I hope for your cuddle,
For the warming dreams,
Fora bridge to connect  our hearts
And for the tender caress.

There with you flow the rivers,
Reverberate the surfs in the ocean,
West and East meet through your land,
Occupy my heart.

Snow falls in my veins
Fog has wrapped up my pains
I shout in silence over in my cabin,
Streets echo me in louder strains,
Crowds sing in chorus the tunes of class war

Winds become stronger
Bush asks why the crowd in its bosom
Gorges disheveled see bright eyed cats
Ready to jump upto the noises of liberty.

Occupy my heart;
Cities cry in thunderous tunes
Markets sell flowers to cuties
To garland their loves in the march

They march in peace
Hunger and poverty in unison
Black and red ware empty abysmally
White has a little mirage in the pots
Occupy my heart.

Shed your sweat away,
It's winter and  you are hungry
Below the bridges of poverty
Above clamor of men of pomp
In limousines of affluence.

Occupy my heart,
His barracks might be full of ammunition
To fuel the the roads and streets
To return to the streets of Chicago
And soak the clothe in blood.

I am in love, occupy my heart,
You have all space there,
To rest and fight in valiance
Men and women of America,
Come, occupy my heart. 

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