Thursday, July 5, 2012


A breeze

Petals fall from the flower

A touch of airy waves

Burdens go away

Sea is soft

Wave is humming

Surf is drumming and roaring

Dreams are broken

Behind the rocks

Crabs run into the holes

Cancer and Capricorn unite

On the shore of eternity

Beaks touch each other

A nest

Birds sleep in harmony

Wind cannot take away

A den

Lion and goat live in unison

In William Blake’s Night

Leopard blushes at sheep’s sight

As water

When it saw its Lord

Distance is wiped

Time is rubbed off

From the slate of eternity

Infinite cannot be reduced

Neither be increased

Nothing taken from it

Nothing added to it

Quails fly over fences

Ivies spread on them

Fruits are forbidden

The mendicant runs away

Still the minstrel sings

Songs of the stormy petrel

In passive curiosity

Buddy awakes from slumber

‘Oh! I am rheumatic,

Grout on my knees

Groins ache

Loins in despair

No potion to cure

Fairy pours lily juice

Into his sleepy eyes

Sprite sings

Love into his

Soul to soul

He soars up

Till he falls to Heaven

Into the lap of Beatrice

And the clasp of Leila

Earthen love is cruel

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