Thursday, July 5, 2012


A night has passed this way

A night

Where yellow parrots and red candles

Fuse into eternity

A night

Where the nine appearances of human nature

Are squeezed

Within the frozen bronze vessels of the throat.

A night

That came as a guest,

Fettered the creative genii

Then went away unnoticed.

Dear, This is only an inn,

Impassioned walls without echoes,

Laughter or cries.

The night crept away with meaningless sounds

Through the waves of time.

This is the last night

Hastily breathing,

Sighing deserts

And salty tears;

A night

Where causes become consequences

With recurring beams of rumination

Over darkened complexions.

A comet has begun to smile

With aesthetic cruelty.


Dead songs on trembling lips,

Dead flies in dampened eyes,

December dawns,

Hamlets wear snow and dew.

Friendly looks of wrath

Appear suddenly,

The broken links of camaraderie.

Everything comes to an end.

This night

And in worlds hither and after.

My beloved,

Let us die forgetting,

Let us sob in death,

Let us be born again as a sob,

And a shouting.

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