Thursday, July 5, 2012


Look at the stars

Open your brains

Walk into minds

Pour the light

Open your hearts

Sparrows and parrots

Crows and owls

Fly in unison

A bison moves along

With hares and birds

Cloudy dales rain

Reeds whistle

In winds

Flutes sing

Without lips

A reverberation

Come from somewhere

Then a sparkler

Pinwheels inside

Drops fall

From heaven or hell

Hot and dusty

Wet and thirsty

Earth is happy

Seedlings smile

Saplings flourish

Darkness pervades

Sorrow takes over

Horror of ghosts

Headless corpses

Limbless lives

Burning battle fields

Children burning

Blood drizzling

Comely girl dead

Handsome boy shattered

Cupids shy away

Stars blink

Missiles shine

War is on

Peace is to come

Look at the stars

Open your brains

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