Thursday, July 5, 2012


Love is a mountain

Sprinkling a drop

Many drops

Flow profusely

Into falls and slopes

Life of trees

Lust of flowers

Still stand high

Aware of miseries

Melting in the angry fire of the sun

The mountain stands

Still at the same place

A river of snow

Overflowing in winter

And in summer

And all seasons

Gives the savage

A life of damp and cool

Of pain and pleasure

Of heat and cold

The civilized too

Cultures blossom

Vessels move

In all directions

Sinbad the sailor

Fight with demons and giants

Cool water splashes

Bubbles of poem

The palms fold a row

Eyes fill with lakes

Hearts pour

Love is a plain

Where rivers congregate

Saffron flowers swell

It welcomes dreams

It harps symphonies

Plants wild ivies

And trees with multiple branches;

Love upturns life into its truth.

Love is a battle field

Tambourines and bugles join in harmony;

Love is sun blessing

Ballads’ greenery;

Sparrows of hearts

Tremble in fear and courage

Wait for prisons

Bird brings, after floods,

The twig of an olive

Blood stain on its beak

And the river bank

Beautified by

Flowery embers of sacrifice

In spite of starvation

And love?

Shivering in eyes,

Sighs and sobs

In the heart

Burning weight

And eternal fusion

Of truth ultimately reached

Death is not the end

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