Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Mirage

The hutment of hunger

Had a cabin of plenty

Where love prospered

In embraces of oneness

An earthen lamp shone dim

Behind the little window thin

It smelt the oil burnt

In want and paucity

They climbed a cascade

Slippery and forceful

In the splash of water

With an ease unknown

Sufferings and miseries

Melted into oblivious fathoms

Starvation and hunger

Crept in to holes

The smell of burnt potato

Pierced, though, their nostrils

Pregnant with fragrance

Of sighs, salty with tears

Sharp were the stones

Now smoothened by torrents

Hugging their feet

With intimacy and cool

Pebbles shaped into onions

Rolled into their stomachs

Red pulpy snails

Jumped onto their lips

A pain of satiety

Began deep in the chest

The climb was nowhere

The cascade was thinning

Before the realities of mountains

And the wild goats eating

Fodder was aplenty

Spread in nature’s bounty

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