Wednesday, July 4, 2012


He is wandering along

The lanes of hamlets

Streets of cities

Roads of towns

Along with travelers in boats,

Passengers of trains,

Voyagers on board the ships

And in the avial journeys of men high

He creeps high with ivies

Comes silently as snails

Cools soothingly as breeze

Kisses voluptuously as lover

Grows tall with trees

Drops fierce like rocks

Explodes like atom bombs

Hisses venomously like serpents

He sleeps with me in my bed

Chirps with quail on fences

Coos like cuckoo among mango leaves

Screams with Squirrel in the bough

He marches with motorcade

Into the depths of history

He moves with my shadow

He waits in the shades

He waits for escape from laughter,

Solace from sorrows,

Rift from meaningless idling,

And for redemption from life

He moves me into fame,

Caves of obscurity,

Skies of clouds and stars,

And plains and seas of life eternal

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