Thursday, July 5, 2012


Words move fast

Over hearts

They chant life

And for life

Orchestrated by

Sighs and coughs

In the company

Of urchins and dogs

Words reverberate

Over streets

And crowds

This journey

On the long train

Of fabled bogies

Is short and fast

Fast numbers have

Great acceptance;

Steps tremble

The listeners are still,


Seasons are ripe

Earth is charming

As ever,

Fertile with grains

Fruits, flowers and fauna

Singing is faster

Respiration is stronger

Palpitation fervent

Singer is moving

Fast unto his destination.

Theatre is modern

Walls are white

Shades are clear

Stains make images

Life is a shadow play

Singer sings

Animals run

Birds fly

Stags dart into pole

Birds fly into falls

Time is short

Take a shawl and weep

For today.

Dawn due

With dew and chirping,

Light peeps

Into the singer’s face

Calm and pure

And in trance

Singer sings.

Melody pervades

And fuses into silence

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