Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Crickets screech in hutments

I escape their horror through dark lanes

Covered in fallen leaves

Books close down in mind, heart yelps in despair

On the other end of memories

Pains, pangs and dreams flowing in little streams

Forests inaccessible to birds and skies

Lanterns shone in brightness

pontiffs chanted faiths, purities and doctrines

While telling beads in godly names

Several lessons at one stretch

Children with eyes wide open

Learn about their destinies, heaven and hell

Not away the grave yard with calm and peace

Covered in shrouds of plants and leaves

Where love and hate embrace

Journey of memories, revolutions of the Earth

Nights and days, moons and Suns

*Kesses- a kind of songs originating from Muslim

culture in Kerala** A temporary construction for

accommodating guests or attendants on special occasions.

Here in the mosques of poor people, such Pandals were

constructed as religious schools. They can be compared to

the earlier chapels of the Christian church.

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