Friday, July 10, 2009

In Wait

Waiting for the tram

By this narrow lane

I spent a seed to germinate,

To grow into a tree,

To flower and fruition

Waiting for the train

By the blue lake

I spent an egg to hatch,

To wing into a sparrow

And fly awayWaiting for the ship

By the hillI spent a sperm to be born

As myself as helpless,

To grow into a tall buffoonery

Vain, vain are the waiting,

Silence and loudness

And the hugs and cuddles;

Vain, vain are the waiting,

Cruelty and roar,

And frowns and spasms of porn

Foaming in the lake

Swimming and dipping into ponds

Tasting the wetted flesh

I would satiate

As if a lion

With a live stag eaten;

Or a tiger roaring gratified

With lots of venison tasted.

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