Friday, September 3, 2010

This is the city

This is the city
Destruction flows over this
Its footpaths
Not ached by the footwear
of the passers by in search of hell and heaven

This is the city
Memories flow in lump as worms
On the pathways.
Among them
the known and well-known skulls
The habitats are all collections of bones and skeletons
An unending stench beneath the super layers

Poets challenge among themselves
For duels on altars
There come the family and the singer
Beat their drums and stomachs
And sing , sing to the crowds of lights and men
Behind the eating houses
Humans are on a contest with canines
And this is the human Dharma.

In the stages of the mind
where the poet sings
Foam a lake of intoxication
Within the wells where water sprinkles
Time becomes a paramour.

The hectic havoc after
the buffallo was burnt in the unextinct fire
Is the tightness of the city.

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