Wednesday, July 4, 2012


A nightingale had forgotten the full moon.

He asked the poet on one full dark night:

Once up on a time, once up on a time, did I sing

a song ?

With flames filled with cool and breeze?

On a transformation night,

When the withered leaves and the sullen flowers

could not be seen,

The nightingale damp and cold

Had descended to the poet from the insecurity of

the twig of the tree.

In the horror dances of the winds that came from

the South-west

One from the bunch of nightingales with frozen

wings and beaks

came to the nest of the poet

that had lost his poetry.

The poet remained in his lost vocal

and written languages.

However, Jean Christophe*,

how could you have been a singer

had you not been able to put up with the loss of


*Jean Christophe is the main character in the

famous novel of Romaine Roland

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