Thursday, July 5, 2012


Remember me

Writing from the bank of that old river of


Only shadows of memories!

Render me a small help:

Please hear me a little.

Remember me

From decades ago?

(Seasons have merged into years,

Years have faded

In the flow of malignant moments.)

Yeah! Decades ago

I sang a lot

On the sandy banks of Melancholia

In the emerald islands,

My tears falling like

As trees shedding its leaves.

Now in this present

I lie alone, covered by chits of prescriptions

Like an AIDS infected syringe.

In the transactions of polity

Germs of disease constitute sales deeds.

The spy is sucking my blood

Through his white slings.

The supervisor is shedding his cruelty

Through his laughter,

Exposing his world of swollen gums.

Histories are wiped away

In blood spilled when the boils were incised.

Blood is coming from the distant hills,

Corpses are nearby on the shores,

Dirty faces,

Bulging teeth,

Broken limbs,

Heart breaking truths.

Remember me?

From the lamp with seven wigs

Shine your crimson luster,

The peace of the soil

Where the seven colors fight solace,

Where seven notes overflow

Onto the hills,

Into seeds,

Into ponds.

Where did we meet last?

Where did we sing our last song together?

Forgetfulness is a tightened reminiscence,

Memories loosen,

Sorrows and words flow

Remember, words are my experience,

Mere words are my experience.

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