Thursday, July 5, 2012


Funeral ashes are still hot,

Sermons loud,

Chanting still heard

Seasons come and go,

Cycles of sorrow repeat,

Corpses petrify

Souls testify eternally

Decades of war and peace intermingle

War for Peace,

Peace in War.

Bushels of bombs and detonators ready

Crackers explode in the joy of slaughter

Gorges of hinterlands

Shelter unnatural copulation

Bushes camouflage soldiery masturbation.

Love and hate decay in war,

Lovemaking a distant dream

Spouses pray and betray

Conscience creeps as millipedes

Cockroaches overcoming violence and


Man dies for peace in war

Hitler embraces Buddha

Chief Seattle mourns his clan

Old water still flows

Funeral ashes are still hot.

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