Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Oh, Sun,

Millipedes creep beneath

Revising revelations.

The seven horses drag

The golden chariot.

Oh, Sun, God of Energies,

Hymns and chants melt under you.

Enraged, the sky asks:


Shall I fall on them

In the form of lightening,

Thunderbolt and flakes of fire?

The sun smiled at the sky

The smile spread a cool paste of sandal

All over the sky.

Angered into huge surfs

And burning into splashes,

The oceans ask:

Shall we drown them into

The tsunamis of our depths?

The sun smiled at the oceans.

The smile bloomed as seas.

The intolerant earth asks:


Shall I devour them

Into the lava sprouts of my cracks?

The sun smiled at the earth

The smile covered the earth

With a tender breeze

Man and beast received it for love and lust.

The serious mountains

Heavy with humility ask:

Shall we push them into naught

By pushing our largeness on them?

The sun smiled at the mountains.

The smile settled on the mountains

Great layers of light and heat

Glaciers crystals shined

On the silken tails of yaks.

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