Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Sun, you could go now

You dawned as darkness

In the eyes of the weeping child

You gave in the heart of the dove

The pangs of wounds

Sun, you could go now.

You threw bitter seeds of itching

On the power-mongering penises

The corpses boiled in cohabitation

With the maniacs running after power.

The loud flames became silent

The epics became ashes

Sun, you could go now

The plains are burning

The miseries are multiplying

The hearts are running from the caves

To escape the wrath of your forests

The wheels of the chariot are moving

We are all tired, our hearts are pierced,

On the pillars and stone carvings

The eyes of wrath are pumping fire

Sun, you could go now

Corpses are covered in worms

In the noisy townships

Yesterday the headless corpses

Robbed the streets of their power

The girls selling flowers

Were ground under bulldozers

The birds that flew with distant breezes

Broke their wings and died.

Sun, you could go now ;memory is a lightning

In it life is as pure as stream water

My monasteries are all loud

With the sounds of flowers swelling

Sun, you could go now.

The countryside has become uninhabited

Still let the earth sharpen its thorns,

Mines grow sufficient love,

And the blue eyes become filled with lakes of


Buds of eyes will sprout with sprinkles on the hills

Kindness in the rivers and dreams in the greenly


They will see life till you return tomorrow;

Sun, you could go now

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