Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Open the hidden casket

Look at its contents

Fondle them

Dolls and balls

Toffees and trophies

Plants and trees

Flowers and fruits

Rocks and streams

Smiles and love

Pains and pangs

It’s good to smile,

Then sigh,then weep

On the saplings bent

Flowers fallen

Leaves flying

And faces swollen

To break heart

On broken dreams

To remember mountains

Climbed in love

Sweat dripping

Fragrance of youth

To flow the rivers

Break bones in battle

Fly a soul in storms

Fiddle breezy days of past

Fire the canonsLight beacons

Match the ostrich

Yeah,Everything’s good

To open the casket

See the contents

Curly hair covering the eyes

Glossy chins

Lake blue eyes

Smiling lips

Then it’s good to be sad

Of hair thin

Eyes damp, nostrils fluffy

Lips dumb, ears deaf

Limbs skeletal

Cabins dark

Clothes stinky

Shades of stench

Scratches of lizards

On walls old

Corpses plenty

Beneath Streets

And cities modern

Now it’s good

To be lonely

On the broken floorLie down

Eyes half open

Elsewhere in life

Were winged occasions

Soaring to skies

Crossing horizons

Traversing deserts

Glowing in darkness

And writing life

With a feather

Dipped in blood

Slogans sweet

With gallows ahead

Drums loud

Mongrels fed

With honey and meat

Screaming to full moon

Barking to anonymity

Kings foster kennels

Roll in tunnels

Kill with swords

Soothe with roars

War is gone

Waterloo won

Basra burnt

Gardens falling

Babylon trembling

Cuneiform wedges

Creating laws

Clay tables unburnt

Eye for an eye

Tooth for a tooth

And skin them alive!

It’s good to laugh

And weepIn sorrows

Seattle chief

Mourning for the morrow

Why fretIf today be sweet?

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