Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Where is that rainbow

That waits me when I am in storm?

Don’t you see?

We are in the same boat?

Sailing together though from different seas

You are in pair,

I, too, am in pair

Never impaired in the bonds of love

I floated and floated

Whenever there is a strain

However, floating I am stressed

Sitting idle by my spouse

I am calm and solaced

Still I don’t get the rainbow

With its colours spread in seven dimensions

Angels spread their wings

Devils spread their ink

Animals run in haste

Birds soar in the skies

Butterflies touch flowers in their sensual moments

Water flow in colour and blot,

And man loves to his depths always.

Angels and devils mix up

In to the agony of human life

Animals still run and birds fly;

An olive twig is brought by a bird

Noah’s ark is reaching a land;

Where is that rainbow?

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